BaaS startup Vottun seeks to make blockchains talk

Analysts – Csilla Zsigri

Publication date: Tuesday, September 3 2019


Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) provider Vottun is working toward a future where blockchains interoperate. For example, where supply chain networks use multiple blockchains (be they public or private) simultaneously within the same ecosystem, and individuals digitally manage all their blockchain-verified academic credentials obtained from a variety of educational institutions.
Vottun’s blockchain-agnostic digital credentials management offering is already being used by several large organizations in the education, financial and utilities industries, primarily in Spain. However, the startup’s ambitions go further than that.

The 451 Take

We stated in our recent State of the Enterprise Blockchain Market report that we expect the BaaS space to get more crowded with not only cloud heavyweights, but also small providers. Vottun is one example of this trend, with a value proposition that revolves around overcoming blockchainspecific skills gaps and interoperability issues. (to learn more download the compete report)

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