Quickly and easily improve your company’s processes with blockchain technology
supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT.

Our trusted data platform features “out-of-the-box” traceability & certification solutions that
allow you to digitize your processes and drastically improve your results.


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Vottun es “the wordpress of blockchain”.

Discover how easy it is to innovate and use
blockchain in your company.

Vottun is a recognized leader in enterprise solutions using blockchain and was recognized by GARTNER in its latest “hype curve report – emerging technologies and the leaders to
keep an eye on” for 2020.

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European Regional Development Fund
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VOTTUN has participated in the ICEX-Next Export Initiation Program and has had the support of ICEX and the co-financing of European FEDER funds. The purpose of this support is to contribute to development.

Discover our solutions

Our ready-to-use products allow you to improve your processes immediately.

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We certify and provide real-time data traceability to improve our customers’ processes.

Our open platform works like “wordpress” for blockchain. We have built templates, ready-to-use products, for the most common use cases where blockchain adds significant value. With these products you can quickly and easily start improving your processes as they are or you can customize them to fit exactly what your company, suppliers and customers need. It’s your choice.

The use of Vottun’s platform for the issuance of diplomas and badges in blockchain has been a success to build loyalty among our students and to give confidence in our program to recruiters.

Sara Diaz / Barcelona City Council

For the certification of our installers’ licenses, we have used Vottun. It is important to avoid possible fraud in licenses. We give traceability to the generation of the licenses and create digital identities.

Nuria de Lucas / Dtor. Innovation at Naturgy

The collaboration with Vottun has been excellent and thanks to their blockchain protocol we have been able to develop an innovative value-added service for our customers in the “mobility as a service” sector.

Antonio Babio / Banco Santander

Leading technology that you can trust

Vottun is a recognized leader in enterprise blockchain solutions.

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Best Innovation Award
22@ Barcelona Award
European Blockchers Award
European Blockis Award


Vottun has been featured in more than 50 international media outlets.

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