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Everything you need to build, launch and scale multi-chain dApps in Web3.

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Your Web3 journey starts here... no experience needed!

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Select one of our custom templates designed for blockchain projects, or start from scratch using our dynamic APIs. Whichever you choose, our tools allow developers new to blockchain to begin building dApps right away.


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& Create Real

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Our cutting-edge tools allow new developers with no blockchain programming experience to begin building dApps, Tokens, and DeFi projects and create valuable new business models, processes and services.

Multi-Chain Interoperability

Take full control of your dApps, smart contracts and digital assets and deploy them across more than 200 networks.
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Get exclusive access to layer programs,
grants and perks

An entire ecosystem to support your dApps.
Select the very best Web3 products and services available and secure extra support for your dApps.

Custodians, Market Makers, Exchanges...


Audit, Analytics, Security…


Legal, Marketing & Other
Profesional Services…

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Save Time, Cut Costs & Launch Faster.
Our tools cut engineering time by an estimated 80%, saving developers time and money and allowing them to launch their Web3 dApps faster.
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Trusted By The Biggest Brands.

From Cybertitans to Nestlé, Mediapro and the World Bank, Vottun has the trust of the world’s biggest and best brands.
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Build, Share & Earn: Make Money In Vottun.
By developing and sharing your work in Vottun, you can earn token rewards for your contributions and a percentage of the service fee from each on-chain transaction.
Connect With Our Web3 Community.
Join our community and connect with fellow developers and Web3 enthusiasts. Learn more about the exciting projects being built in Vottun and participate in activities to receive monetary rewards, free Airdrops, NFTs, POAPS and loads of other perks!
Fully Licensed, Fully Compliant.
We have been granted a licence by the Spanish Central Bank allowing us to operate across the EU.

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