Vottun protocol is

“the wordpress for blockchain”

Vottun interoperable architecture is built to make it easy to develop blockchain applications without the need to understand much of the underlying blockchain technology.  Our framework can connect to and interact with any public or private blockchain network by simply referencing the blockchain and node.  This creates full interoperability between blockchains even between public and private networks.

Our architecture is built for performance scaling, is blockchain agnostic, is fully API based and allows the easy development of a multitude of blockchain use cases.




VOTTUN has participated in the ICEX-Next Export Initiation Program, with the support of ICEX and the co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.

Real World Solutions for Global Clients

Using Vottun platform for the issuance of diplomas and badges in blockchain has been a success increasing loyalty our students and providing confidence in our program to recruiters

Sara Diaz / Ajuntament de Barcelona

For the certification and verification of our external installers, we have used Vottun. It is important to avoid possible fraud. We give traceability to the origination of the ID cards and create digital identities.

Nuria de Lucas / Dtor. Innovation Naturgy

The collaboration with Vottun has been excellent and thanks to its blockchain protocol we have been able to develop an innovative value-added service to our clients in the “mobility as a service” sector.

Antonio Babio / Banco Santander

What is VOTTUN

API Platform

Vottun provides a full interoperable, blockchain agnostic API platform to facilitate the development of blockchain applications. Developers are able to focus on front end UX and business logic while leaving the blockchain connectivity, interactivity and heavy lifting to our APIs. For example, a developer can simply reference a blockchain and its node in an API call to execute a smart contract function. They can do this with Angular, Swift or any modern development language that is able to call Rest APIs.

Vottun approach therefore allows the extensibility of any application to now interact with any blockchain, even multi-chain scenarios. You can, for example, call our APIs from SAP to record SAP payments or any other transactions directly to the Hyperledger or Oracle blockchain while summarizing transaction for public consumption in the Ethereum blockchain with the same application code.




Vottun’s education module allows education organizations to publish “impossible to fake” diplomas and badges in the blockchain.The platform allows education institutions to design education tracks for students to follow in order to earn badges (microcredentials) and diplomas.

These achievements published on the blockchain are received in a personal digital wallet and can be shared with employers, recruiters or friends providing brand recognition to the institution

Vottun Credentials follows the Mozilla 2.0 standards and is GDPR compliant.  Students control their data.

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Nuestras soluciones Blockchain no requieren altos conocimientos técnicos

Vottun covid-19 immunity passport

Everyone is wondering how to get back to work.  How can we trust that our colleagues are safe to work with?  How can we re-integrate with society without getting sick?  Vottun provides Immunity Passports to solve these problems.

Healthcare facilities can use Vottun’s technology to create a variety of passports for COVID-19 or other test results like HIV, the Flu.  These passports can be published to blockchains where the data is kept secure, permanent, and immutable.  This test results data can be cryptographically verified anywhere in the world via Vottun’s blockchain technology.

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Supply Chain

Vottun supply chain technology can be used to dynamically configure virtually any supply chain workflow.  This is true for most industries.  For example, our supply chain configuration tool can allow the configuration of an unlimited amount of members of a supply chain network across various geographical boundaries and even across different blockchains 

The platform comes with full track and trace capabilities allowing clients to locate products and components regardless of wherever the material is within the supply chain network.

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Partner Program

Are you a technology or management consultancy? or maybe a software company that wants to offer blockchain solutions?

Partner with Vottun to start providing blockchain solutions to your clients. Because of the versatility of our framework, our partners can serve a multitude of industries that are now ready to deploy blockchain solutions.

Our partners benefit by being able to address the growing enterprise requirements for blockchain information and technologies. With Vottun you can advise on how blockchain can help solve critical problems within organizations, advise what blockchain solutions is better and to even implement these solutions within the enterprise or provide cross enterprises solutions.



Read analyst report about Vottun from digital experts “451 Research”

451 Research is one of the most prestigious technology research firms in the world. It analyzes the technologies, services and companies that disrupt and evolve information technology. Utilizing a proven research methodology they create actionable data and insight to help organizations implement, invent and invest in digital infrastructure, from edge to core. The analyst specialized in blockchain technology wrote this report about Vottun on September 2019.

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Case Study: Naturgy Enforces Compliance Standards with Vottun Credentials

Naturgy is a $20 Billion gas utility company in Spain with10,000,000 customers worldwide. When a client call to report a problem with their gas service Naturgy has to send fully certified staff to resolve these problems.The certification for these resources is done by different compliance agencies. This is how Naturgy and compliance agencies are using Vottun Blockchain Credentials to mitigate compliance risks saving money in verification and creating fraud resistant digital identities.

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Caso Uso Blockchain

Case Study: Blockchain traceability. The new ally of Montsoliu to demonstrate the ecological origin of its eggs

Ous Montsoliu, a pioneer in the production of organic eggs, wants to demonstrate through blockchain traceability that its eggs are organic, giving total transparency and confidence to the consumer about the origin and treatment of their eggs. He also wants to lead the way to eliminate fraud in his sector in which not all producers are transparent or apply the same quality criteria as Ous Montsoliu.

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