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Web3 digital identity is here

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The digital identity is the set of data and actions that we store at the digital level, which help to have a pretty clear idea of the profile, tastes and skills that are shown of a person and how this will be seen by other users in cyberspace. Would you know how to list everything […]

Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and nfts – What is it and how did it all start?

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Blockchain technology has brought with it a new world of possibilities, but where did it come from? First of all, we must understand that Blockchain and Bitcoin are different things. Blockchain is a technology that consists of a network of computers (or nodes) distributed around the world, each of them possessing an exact copy of […]

Blockchain and sports, two great allies

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With the development of information technology, computers, the Internet, cellular technology, the digitalization of images and the escalating advent of social networks, the relationship of human beings with the natural environment and their surroundings has changed; The models and scope of interpersonal communication changed, and the term and concept of globalization became more precise in […]

Leveraging Blockchain to Enhance Traceability in the Cannabis Industry

Legalisation of cannabis has gained traction in several countries. In October, Canada became the first major economy to fully legalise marijuana, sparking celebrations as the country embarked on the controversial experiments with the drug policy. In the U.S., nine states have already legalised cannabis for recreational use, with medical marijuana being legal in another 30 […]

Blockchain can help you fing the right staff. Here is how

Blockchain can help you fing the right staff.

Credentials are the new currency. With traditional education’s attractiveness fading, more people are opting for continuous life-learning. According to Pew Research Center, 73% of American adults qualify themselves as lifelong learners both in the personal and professional fields. Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platforms like Coursera, Udemy, EdX and others have evolved as a place to […]

Blockchain will transform Supply Chain & Logistics

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How Blockchain Will Transform the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry A supply chain today, with all the links to create and distribute goods, is extraordinarily complex to manage. Depending on the product, the supply chain can involve lots of layers, multiple geographical (international) locations, a great number of invoices and payments. This also having several […]

The certification of authentication

The certification of authentication

SUPPLY CHAIN AND CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICATION Vottun is committed to providing full-spectrum blockchain certification services across the supply chain management (SCM) value-chain. Many experts believe that blockchain technology can have an enormous impact on SCM protocols as well as in general logistics. Presently, the bulk of the essential documentation and certifications in the SCM arena are paper-based. […]