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Blockchain will transform Supply Chain & Logistics

Soluciones para supply chain con blockchain

How Blockchain Will Transform the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry A supply chain today, with all the links to create and distribute goods, is extraordinarily complex to manage. Depending on the product, the supply chain can involve lots of layers, multiple geographical (international) locations, a great number of invoices and payments. This also having several […]

The certification of authentication

SUPPLY CHAIN AND CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICATION Vottun is committed to providing full-spectrum blockchain certification services across the supply chain management (SCM) value-chain. Many experts believe that blockchain technology can have an enormous impact on SCM protocols as well as in general logistics. Presently, the bulk of the essential documentation and certifications in the SCM arena are paper-based. […]

The ‘Start Up’ VOTTUN opens round to boost its blokchain business

Originally Reported by Expansion, a major financial journal in Spain Translated from online news site Kippel01 Vottun, a blockchain traceability startup,  focuses on the business of smart contracts and on ensuring the traceability of the various processes of its clients. The company started to market its product last July. The  blockchain  is creating more value as a business model […]

What are the Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts A contract is a signed agreement between two parties with a third party that stands between two parties who are making a transaction and affirming the terms and conditions of a contract. This way is typically characterized by the traditional centralized system. Oftentimes, these paper contracts have brought about discord and legal conflicts […]

Blockchain Institute Technology of Barcelona Partner with VOTTUN

Blockchain Institute & Technology of Barcelona is a pioneer in certifying its students in the blockchain with Vottun platform In traditional educational institutions, the certification symbol for students who successfully complete the training cycle is the diploma. In spite of being nothing more than a paper with a stamped signature, this diploma symbolizes the legitimacy […]

Why blockchain is a game changer for the Supply Chain

Blockchain technology will no doubt, bring about a greater efficiency to the supply chain than ever before. It has the potential to transform the procurement and supply chain. Blockchain, a distributed database that holds records of digital data or events, are tamper-resistant and data cannot be changed or deleted. The original information is retained, thereby […]

Multi-Factor Authentication: Its uses and security benefits

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is a security system that requires more than one method of authentication. It is a method of confirming a user’s identity, only after two or more pieces of evidence have been provided to an authentication mechanism. The three basic elements that can be used in Multi-factor Authentication are: (a) something the user […]