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Vottun's circular economy

Last week our Partner TIRME and  Consell de Mallorca presented the FINHAVA Platform. An example of Public-Private collaboration. From Vottun we have participated as a technological partner implementing our Blockchain solution: VottunSustainability. Hotel chains have also participated: Meliá Hotels International, Iberostar, Riu Hotels & Resorts, Marriott International and Hotels Viva as well as companies from […]

Some NFT uses

Blockchain and bitcoin universe

SOME NFT USES Once again the blockchain is in the process of making disruptive changes to how we know the digital world. The emergence of NFTs has enabled the creation of unique digital collectibles and assets and the applications of these are many. But what are NFTs? NFT or non fungible tokens are a type […]

Oracle expands Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Marketplace with Vottun’s Blockchain Digital Credential Solution

Vottun x Oracle

Vottun®, a leading global provider of blockchain solutions, announces the inclusion Vottun Blockchain Digital Credentials, the system that you need to issue professional and verifiable digital certificates and badges in the blockchain, to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure marketplace.  As a member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), Vottun has been named a blockchain preferred partner on the […]

Vottun’s Proof of Health Verification Solution

Vottun’s Proof of Health Verification Solution

As the COVID-19 coronavirus has impacted the globe, and as governments and businesses struggle to address the problems, different solutions based on blockchain technologies have emerged to help manage this worldwide health crisis.  Currently identification verification processes are manual, using precious time and coordination at call centers.  Administration of these essential services against the deadlines […]

Using Interoperable Blockchains to Innovate the Food Supply Chain

Blockchain to Innovate the Food Supply Chain

Blockchain is a shared digital ledger system where the data is replicated across multiple computers or nodes in multiple locations at the same time. A shared digital ledger enables a supply chain network to share data and documents (business documents in an electronic format between trading partners) efficiently with verified authenticity.   Because the digital ledger […]

Leveraging Blockchain to Enhance Traceability in the Cannabis Industry

  Legalisation of cannabis has gained traction in several countries. In October, Canada became the first major economy to fully legalise marijuana, sparking celebrations as the country embarked on the controversial experiments with the drug policy. In the U.S., nine states have already legalised cannabis for recreational use, with medical marijuana being legal in another…Read […]