Blockchain Institute Technology of Barcelona Partner with VOTTUN

Blockchain Institute & Technology of Barcelona is a pioneer in certifying its students in the blockchain with Vottun platform

In traditional educational institutions, the certification symbol for students who successfully complete the training cycle is the diploma. In spite of being nothing more than a paper with a stamped signature, this diploma symbolizes the legitimacy of the person and of the institution that grants it.

Blockchain Institute Technology of Barcelona Partner with VOTTUN

At Blockchain Institute & Technology (BIT), they are not a traditional educational institution. That’s why their diploma and certification is much more than a paper with a signature. Because they put into practice their teachings and the technologies that they preach, all the students of our courses, postgraduates and bootcamps in blockchain will receive their certificates in a blockchain.

Lluís Mas – Founder BIT Barcelona

This action is the result of their partnership with Vottun to use our blockchain platform to improve the way in which certificates are issued and regulated. The registration of certificates in the blockchain is a case of specific use of how the blockchain will revolutionize the way these documents are processed in sectors such as education (diplomas), supply chain (certificates of origin) or insurance (certificates on expert reports ).

Together BIT and Vottun demonstrate a real case of how Blockchain technology can collaborate for more accurate and secure information for all – and that goes beyond Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Two of the fundamental reasons why the certification of these diplomas in the blockchain are important are the impossibility of falsifying or modifying the information, and the open authentication by organizations and companies. Seeing the latest scandals related to the falsification of titles by politicians is especially relevant to say that BIT part this can never happen thanks to the use of blockchain technology.

In addition, the use of this technology allows students to keep all their acquired knowledge, which is called “lifelong learning” safely and transparently. With blockchain students will be able to create their digital curriculum with all the diplomas that will always be verifiable and easy to distribute to head-hunters or other professionals. Two advantages that will undoubtedly be relevant for BIT´s students.

Learning Blockchain

Visit BIT educational offer at  and see everything you can learn. Consider that Blockchain is a concept that is still maturing but will undoubtedly be a solid part of technological change in the coming years. Several companies, from financial institutions to large retail businesses are already working to implement solutions in Blockchain.

How Vottun works with partners like BIT

Vottun can offer its platform for certifying students in the blockchain to educational centers of any size. Contact us if you are interested in learning how our platform can be use by your center.