Build a Web3 game with the Vottun Gaming API

The gaming industry has witnessed a radical transformation with the advent of blockchain technology and the rise of Web3 games. These decentralized games offer players true ownership of in-game assets, better transparency, and exciting play-to-earn opportunities. However, the complexities of blockchain development and Web3 integration can be intimidating for traditional game developers. Enter Vottun Gaming Web3 API, a game-changer that empowers developers to implement Web3 games without extensive blockchain or Web3 knowledge.


Web3 Login with Vottun Gaming API

Vottun Gaming Web3 API provides a seamless Web3 Login feature, making it easy for developers to onboard players without dealing with the intricacies of blockchain authentication. The process is straightforward and consists of two essential steps: preparing a message and validating the signature. These steps are defined in the ERC-4361 standard, which defines a decentralized approach for the authentication process in the blockchain.

Prepare Message: When a player attempts to log in, the API generates a unique message that the player signs with their private key. This message is a cryptographic proof of ownership and serves as a secure login credential.

Validate Signature: Once the player signs the message, the API validates the signature using the player’s public key. If the signature is valid, the player gains access to the game without needing to handle complex blockchain interactions.

An example of a Login signature request in Metamask looks like this:

NFT Endpoints for Seamless Asset Management

Vottun Gaming Web3 API also offers a suite of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) endpoints, which enables developers to seamlessly manage in-game assets on the blockchain. These endpoints include:

  • Balance Of: Allows developers to check the player’s NFT balance, ensuring they possess the required assets to participate in the game.
  • Token Uri: Retrieves the metadata of a specific NFT, providing crucial information about its attributes, artwork, and rarity.
  • Mint: Facilitates the creation of new NFTs, allowing game developers to mint unique assets and reward players with exclusive items.
  • Mint Batch: Enables developers to mint multiple NFTs in a single transaction, reducing gas costs and improving efficiency.
  • Transfer: Empowers players to trade or transfer their in-game assets securely and transparently.
  • Transfer Batch: Simplifies asset management by enabling players to perform multiple transfers in a single transaction.

Leveraging IPFS for Onchain Game Power

By combining the Vottun Gaming Web3 API with the Vottun IPFS API, developers can unlock the full potential of on-chain gaming experiences. IPFS acts as a decentralized file storage system, where game assets, such as artwork, audio files, and game data, can be stored securely and efficiently. An explanation of our IPFS API can be found here:

In conclusion, the Vottun Gaming Web3 API simplifies Web3 game development without extensive blockchain knowledge. With Web3 Login using ERC-4361, NFT management, and IPFS integration, developers can create inclusive and innovative games with true ownership for players worldwide.

We have developed an example game that uses Vottun’s Unity SDK to showcase the API’s functionalities. Check it out here: