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Vottun blockchain technology provider for Aena’s new solution.

aena - vottun ceredential

Aena, the world’s leading airport operator by number of passengers, has launched a platform called VELLORE, which manages the electronic exchange of information related to air transport operations between the members of the cargo community in the airports of the Aena Network. VELLORE has been developed by PORTEL, using our VOTTUNCredenctial APIs within the cargo […]

Smart Contracts: the technology that will control your money.

smart contract finanzas

Smart Contracts are revolutionizing the world of finance. Learn what they are and how this technology is being used to improve global business transactions, banking and financing, traded assets, transaction costs and financial management. Understand the benefits of smart contracts based on blockchain technology, as well as their potential. Understand the profound impact they will […]

How NFTs can be a great promotional tool

McDonalds, TacoBell, H&M, Mercedes-Benz, Coca Cola… We all know these brands. And they have all been trending this past year, because they have all launched their collections of NFTs. But why exactly have these prestigious and globally recognized brands decided to bet on creating their digital collectibles? The reason, or rather the reasons, are very […]

Web3 digital identity is here

identidad digital - vottun

The digital identity is the set of data and actions that we store at the digital level, which help to have a pretty clear idea of the profile, tastes and skills that are shown of a person and how this will be seen by other users in cyberspace. Would you know how to list everything […]

Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and nfts – What is it and how did it all start?

blockchain - vottun

Blockchain technology has brought with it a new world of possibilities, but where did it come from? First of all, we must understand that Blockchain and Bitcoin are different things. Blockchain is a technology that consists of a network of computers (or nodes) distributed around the world, each of them possessing an exact copy of […]

Blockchain and sports, two great allies

blockchain sports

With the development of information technology, computers, the Internet, cellular technology, the digitalization of images and the escalating advent of social networks, the relationship of human beings with the natural environment and their surroundings has changed; The models and scope of interpersonal communication changed, and the term and concept of globalization became more precise in […]

Some NFT uses

Blockchain and bitcoin universe

SOME NFT USES Once again the blockchain is in the process of making disruptive changes to how we know the digital world. The emergence of NFTs has enabled the creation of unique digital collectibles and assets and the applications of these are many. But what are NFTs? NFT or non fungible tokens are a type […]

Vottun’s Proof of Health Verification Solution

Vottun’s Proof of Health Verification Solution

As the COVID-19 coronavirus has impacted the globe, and as governments and businesses struggle to address the problems, different solutions based on blockchain technologies have emerged to help manage this worldwide health crisis.  Currently identification verification processes are manual, using precious time and coordination at call centers.  Administration of these essential services against the deadlines […]

Using Interoperable Blockchains to Innovate the Food Supply Chain

Blockchain to Innovate the Food Supply Chain

Blockchain is a shared digital ledger system where the data is replicated across multiple computers or nodes in multiple locations at the same time. A shared digital ledger enables a supply chain network to share data and documents (business documents in an electronic format between trading partners) efficiently with verified authenticity.   Because the digital ledger […]