Exploring Crypto Knowledge in the Streets of Barcelona


In the busy streets of Barcelona, we adventured to explore the citizens’ knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. This initiative was driven by requests from vottuners on our Telegram channel, and we are pleased to make them part of this challenge.

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To participate, you must answer the questions asked in the interview. List them; you will see the numbering at the top of the interview. Then, paste them into the Telegram channel using the #EntrevistasVTN.

  1. Write down your answers. They will be checked to make sure that AI has not been used.
  2. Access the Telegram channel.
  3. Type #EntrevistasVTN and start answering the questions by listing them (#1, #2, #3, etc.).

We will announce multiple winners via the community channel. We keep the right to do this challenge unlimited times with no expiration date.

How much did they know about cryptocurrencies?

From lack of knowledge to misperception, we discovered a wide range of opinions about cryptocurrencies. Some were familiar with the concept of digital currencies, while others saw it as a distant idea.

Despite the diverse opinions on cryptocurrencies, there was widespread recognition of the advantages of blockchain technology. Decentralization and efficiency were highlighted as key benefits.

Only Apple can claim crypto airdrop

This was certainly one of our trick questions that everyone fell into. Many participants were familiar with the term ‘Airdrop’, but not the one you’re imagining. It seems everyone has Apple devices but none have crypto wallets.

One of the flashiest activities in the cryptocurrency world is airdrops. Their goal is to give away cryptocurrencies or tokens to a community interested in them. A situation that undoubtedly captures the attention of many people, as it is a good opportunity to get money without effort.

They prefer $10k to $50k, it makes sense.

When presented with the choice between receiving $10,000 or a Bitcoin, responses were mixed. Some opted for the safety of cash, while others saw the investment potential in Bitcoin. It is clear that those who opted for $10k did not know that at the time of the interview, Bitcoin was trading x5 higher.

Large companies are already on Blockchain

Awareness of corporate investments in blockchain was also highlighted. While there was some uncertainty, companies like Tesla and Amazon were recognized for their interest in this technology. However, like all questions in this #InterviewVTN, it had a catch. All of these world-renowned companies are already developing and testing their business models with blockchain technology. It’s just a matter of time before it reaches the public.

The meeting on the streets of Barcelona gave us a unique insight into the public perception of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. It seems that Web2 companies will come to understand and adopt blockchain technology sooner than the mainstream population. This encourages us to keep working and evangelizing more users in this fascinating and disruptive ecosystem.

For those interested in participating in the VTN airdrop giveaway, you can now access our Telegram channel and share your answers.

In the end, this trip left us with much food for thought. We look forward to continuing to explore and share more about this exciting technology field in future events and interviews.

Thank you, vottuners, for being part of this adventure!