How do I start my own NFT project

Do you know what is the first question people ask us about their new #NFT project? It’s how to use them, how to start their #NFT project. And we always answer them that you have to define what they will be used for.

How do I start my own NFT project

The first step is the discovery of what it’s going to be used for and what is going to be the added value that is going to be generated by the use of these tokens.

You can create collectibles redeemable for rewards, whether they are products, experiences or other elements that provide value to the end customer.

NFTs can also be created for the certification of valuable digital assets. You can even create NFTs that represent a physical asset of value, such as a work of art, luxury watches… This practice is known as digital twin.

We can even create tokens that are the price of entry to a video game. With them we can compete with other players and earn rewards in cryptocurrencies as we win.

NFTs give us new types of digital relationships with our customers and one must first explore what options we have.

Once your use case is well defined you can start defining workflows and functional requirements.

Once we have defined what the NFT will be used for, we must move on to the second step, where we have to define very clearly:

  • Functional and non-functional requirements analysis;
  • Analysis of “User Stories”;
  • Definition of platform actors and data model;
  • Service analysis;
  •  Service communication model;
  • Service deployment model;
  • Description of the technology stack in detail;
  • Process analysis;
  •  Communication API analysis;
  • UX (user experience) design;

Once all these models are defined, you can start creating and commercializing NFTs in a very simple and fast way.

Vottun makes it easy for you. Thanks to our platform and APIs you will be able to create your NFT project in a simple and fast way. Vottun’s NFT platform is very flexible and adapts to different needs. Especially suitable to provide a solution for all those people who do not have technical knowledge of the crypto world.

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