Nfts, Digital Credentials And Blockchain In The Education

Through blockchain technology, non fungible tokens (NFTs) as digital credentials, add credit, recognition and merit to the professional trajectory of students and teachers.

We understand digital credentials or badges as an online, fully verifiable recognition that acknowledges skills, competencies or knowledge that have been acquired. This type of issuance is always backed up with all the information about who issued it, who received it, and the skills and criteria necessary to obtain it.


The blockchain technology avoids the problems of false certificates and guarantees authenticity being verifiable at the moment allowing to have a decentralized database and completely impossible to forge that allows to store all documents, allowing students to access whenever they want to their degrees, diplomas and badges.

Student achievements in the form of transcripts, grades, reports and more should be owned by the student’s educational profile, and with NFTs, this is now possible.
Beyond certificates, student records are also a great use case for leveraging blockchain to ensure the fungibility of information as students move between locations to earn their educational degrees.

NFTs as student empowerment and authority for the Center.

Students or teachers receive their certifications and digital badges in their own digital wallet, thus owning their own achievements and being able to share them on all social networks.

On the other hand, students can integrate these badges and certificates with their virtual CVs in different employment platforms, such as Linkedin, and they can easily certify their skills, create a fully verifiable resume and put themselves in value in the working world.

The fact that the student shares their certificates on social networks makes the reach of visualizations multiply notoriously increasing in this way the branding of the organization and making known all its programs with all the information you want to add, thus becoming another sales and marketing channel for the company.

NFTs for teachers and content creators to get value for their developments.

Teachers and content creators can benefit from NFTs by developing courses, master classes, lectures, lessons, research papers, etc. by adding options that include copyright assurance and authenticity.
With the combined power of NFTs and blockchain, every piece of content could potentially be stored digitally, tracked for ownership and the original creator could still receive their royalties based on the reuse of the content.
NFTs could also be used for utilitarian purposes including entitlements such as a free online course, event tickets, access to resources, mentoring sessions, etc.

Educational itineraries with NFTs

Educational itineraries can be created through badges, as each part of the course is passed you get a recognition that certifies that the student controls a certain skill or knowledge. Once all the badges have been obtained, the student gets an NFTs digital certificate that guarantees that he/she has successfully passed the course.

In this way students can certify that they have mastered the different skills and knowledge that have been taught throughout the course or training. Students are rewarded for their achievements and they will share your badges and certificates in their networks.

When badges and certificates are shared, visibility is also given to the center and the brand, there are no better people to recommend than the students themselves.
It will be possible to consult a person’s digital profile and, in the form of badges, get a complete picture of their learning history. This could be the true value of lifelong learning.
NFTs are a valuable tool in the world of education, as they make it possible to ensure the authenticity and ownership of various types of content or certifications and also to add achievements and rewards based on the criteria established for obtaining them.
The implementation of disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, Blockchain and also NFTs are becoming more and more common and are already radically shaping the new ecosystem of education and learning.
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