Optimism's value proposition

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Optimism: Towards a better world

Some say Optimism is a technology, others an experiment, or a group of individuals with a shared mission. All of them are right to some extent, but Optimism is much more.

The truth is that Optimism is a set of principles, people and technologies designed to increase and reward positive impact. This vision dreams of a better world where we, as humans, can work together to fund sustainable public goods.

It is a collective of people who, through experimentation with technology and governance, are scaling Ethereum and creating a more open and democratic internet for all.

Optimistic Vision

We could say that the optimistic vision is the guiding star of the Optimism collective in everything they do. It is the basis of their essence in a world where public goods are financed and sustained as part of the vision.

Optimism as a global economic system could offer a solution to many of the problems we face in humanity. So far, capitalism has been the most productive and efficient economic system, but it has drawbacks in the form of externalities. In a world where Optimism is present, the impact would be equal to the gain, which would lead to a significant improvement in society. 

It is a system that promotes an open and decentralized digital democracy, focused on coordinating actions that benefit everyone equally. Through experimentation, reflection and clear guidance, it seeks to improve the way we make decisions together and move towards an optimistic vision of the future.

The possibility of developing this new economic system in Layer 2 is what makes Optimism stand out as one of the most ambitious projects. If it succeeds as expected, it will have a considerable impact on humanity.

Who is the Optimism Foundation?

The Optimism Foundation is a group of individuals, companies and communities with a singular but crucial mission. The types of people that make up the collective are diverse: developers, researchers, founders, enthusiasts, etc. All united by the vision of funding public goods for a better world. 

The main way the collective achieves this is by providing financial support and funding projects that have proven to have a positive impact.  In short, the collective generates revenue from its rollup fees and the OP mainnet. This money is then allocated to public goods that are creating a positive impact.

RPGF (Retroactive public goods funding)

RPGF is a system of grants through which projects are rewarded retroactively according to the impact they have had.

But what does this retroactive economic model really mean? Retroactive public goods funding is the economic engine that drives the Optimism network.

Public goods are created so that anyone can use them and make a profit. So we could think of anything that benefits everyone in the network as a public good. This implies that contributing to the Optimism code base helps create decentralized applications for free for anyone interested.


The APIs provided by Vottun open up new opportunities for the creation and development of applications on Optimism and other EVM blockchains. These tools facilitate the building of applications that not only form part of, but also contribute to the decentralized future.