Takis USA - How to approach Gen-Z and Gen Alpha

Case study of how Vottun helped Bimbo Group achieve a successful marketing campaign with Web3 solutions

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Takis Engages Gen Z and Generation Alpha with Vottun’s Help Bimbo Group’s marketing department was faced with a unique challenge: how to engage with the notoriously hard-to-reach Gen Z and Generation Alpha audience for their snack brand, Takis. As a brand that has ignored traditional marketing channels, they sought to use new marketing channels to create an interactive experience for their target market.

Client Objectives

The client’s objectives were clear: create an immersive experience in a new digital channel (metaverse Decentraland) that would focus on community building and incorporate virtual gifts (NFT wearables) , gaming, and interactive content. They also aimed to leverage social media to share the experience and multiply the branding effect.

  • Create an interactive experience in metaverse (Decentraland): Takis aimed to establish their own infrastructure within the Metaverse, particularly in Decentraland,a browser-based 3D virtual world platform.
  • Engage with virtual gifts, gaming, and interactive content: The goal was for the customer to engage in gaming and receive rewards for their accomplishments once they accessed the platform.
  • Focus on community building in the metaverse: Community building in the metaverse refers to the act of establishing and nurturing social connections and relationships within virtual worlds or online communities that are part of the Metaverse.
  • Use social media to share experience and multiply branding effect: By sharing their experiences, customers become brand advocates, which can result in increased brand visibility and loyalty. This, in turn, can lead to more sales and a stronger customer base.


Vottun helped Takis achieve its objectives by launching its first metaverse initiative with ease and minimal IT support. Customers had a seamless experience receiving their NFTs, and Takis was able to increase engagement and reach new audiences through NFT gamification. With Vottun’s tools, Takis was able to measure the impact of the campaign and received 20+ media mentions. 

The success of the campaign resulted in Takis becoming a certified NFT campaign expert with Vottun. By leveraging new marketing channels and collaborating with Vottun, Takis was able to create an engaging and immersive experience that not only appealed to their target audience but also helped them achieve their marketing objectives. 

By embracing innovation and new marketing channels, Takis was able to engage with their target market and create a successful campaign. Vottun’s expertise and tools helped Takis achieve their objectives, and the results speak for themselves. This case is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in achieving marketing success with Web3 solutions.