Talking to Web2 Developers at the University


Today we want to share some special content with our community. In the following video, available on our YouTube channel, we dive into the heart of the new generation of developers to discover their point of view on the Web3 ecosystem.

Explore key concepts: APIs, SDKs, Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Is building dApps something only a few in the Web3 ecosystem know about? 

We asked students if they knew what an API or SDK was. The answers are varied, ranging from complete ignorance to some basic concepts. Some identify an API as an application programming interface, while others are unsure. However, all show an interest in learning more.

What about blockchain and cryptocurrencies? 

Some students have a basic understanding of blockchain, describing it as a series of calculations performed by computers to store transaction information. However, many admit that they have only heard of blockchain in the context of bitcoin or ethereum and do not fully understand how it works.

The term “smart contracts” also causes confusion among students. Some have heard the term but are unsure of its meaning.

Interestingly, despite being immersed in a technology environment, most students show limited understanding of key concepts within the ecosystem. This begs the question: Are universities adequately preparing future developers for this new technology paradigm?

The learning opportunity: 90 days free access to our Web APIs3

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel ;). When presented with the opportunity to use one of our Web3 APIs for free for 90 days with just two lines of code, some students show interest and confidence in their abilities to take advantage of this opportunity.

You can request free access to our Web3 APIs here or by scanning the QR code

In summary, our experience at the Polytechnic University of Barcelona reveals a gap in knowledge about the Web3 ecosystem among future developers. However, it also highlights the potential for learning and the willingness to explore new technologies when given the right opportunity.

And as promised, here’s your gift! We’re offering you 90 days of free access to our Web3 APIs. Follow the simple steps you’ll find in the #developers Discord channel to build your own dApps in this exciting space.

Don’t wait any longer and start exploring the unlimited possibilities of Web3 as a developer! See you in our next video.

Let’s keep going!