Vottun blockchain technology provider for Aena’s new solution

Aena, the world’s leading airport operator by number of passengers, has launched a platform called VELLORE, which manages the electronic exchange of information related to air transport operations between the members of the cargo community in the airports of the Aena Network.
VELLORE has been developed by PORTEL, using our VOTTUNCredenctial APIs within the cargo management system implemented by Aena in the airports.


Thanks to our VOTTUNCredential solution, Aena will be able to manage and store carrier credentials more securely. It will also be able to speed up identity verification at arrivals, departures and collections of goods, in addition to gaining transparency, improving internal control and ensuring security at airports.

How does Vottun Credential work at Aena?

VottunCredential’s interoperable architecture is designed to facilitate the issuance of public and private blockchain credentials, without the need to understand much of the technology or have knowledge in blochain programming.

Our solution helps in incorporating into VELLORE’s platform a completely industry-first access and credential management system that is immutable, unforgeable and 100% verifiable easily and quickly.

With this access and credential management system using the technology provided by VOTTUN, the control functions oriented to identification and authentication are mainly performed in a collaborative and decentralized way.

We are very proud to be part of this innovative project that allows to speed up and ensure the identity verification of drivers at the airport thanks to our technology.

If you want to know how to develop a certification project with Vottun’s BlockChain technology, do not hesitate to contact us.