Vottun Labs: Building the next generation of Dapps


At Vottun, our commitment to expanding the world of Web3 and providing developers with access to our APIs and development tools remains steadfast. Today, we are excited to introduce Vottun Labs, a dynamic initiative designed to enhance the value of Vottun, its community of users, and the VTN token. 

This initiative aims to build innovative, high-quality decentralized applications (dApps) that will be crafted by our experienced team of developers, growth experts, and marketing specialists. In this new video, we explain it all. Watch it now!

Enhancing the Vottun Ecosystem

Vottun Labs is established with the purpose of constructing external dApps that not only strengthen the Vottun ecosystem but also increase the value of the VTN token. By developing these dApps, our goal is to provide value to VTN token holders while also incentivizing their use through the introduction of native dApp tokens. 

By offering incentives through native dApp tokens, Vottun Labs creates a mutually beneficial relationship between dApp users and VTN token holders. Users are encouraged to engage with the dApps, while VTN token holders benefit from the growth of the ecosystem and potential increases in the value of their holdings. 

Development by Vottun's In-House Team

The dApps will be built by our in-house development team, which will be responsible for designing high-quality interfaces and implementing distinctive features that set our dApps apart from existing Tier 2 dApps in the market. This collaboration ensures that our users receive top-tier standards in terms of quality and security.

By leveraging the talents of Vottun’s in-house team, the dApps are developed with a focus on innovation and value differentiation. This not only enhances the overall user experience but also contributes to the strength and reputation of the Vottun ecosystem.

Moreover, the development team works closely with other departments, such as marketing and growth, to ensure the dApps align with the broader goals of the Vottun platform. This collaboration helps create applications that resonate with the target audience and drive user engagement and adoption.

Opportunities for Community Developers

At Vottun, we believe in the power of collaboration and community involvement. As such, we are offering grants to community developers who wish to contribute to the creation of these dApps. Additionally, developers will have the opportunity to work closely with our experienced team, providing a unique chance to learn and grow within the world of Web3.

The process of creating these dApps involves selecting a blockchain network and partnering with strategic allies. We could be collaborating with networks such as Mantle, Arbitrum, and Base, among others. The dApps will be built from scratch, forked from existing dApps, or developed as alternate front-ends.

Incentives and Airdrops for VTN Token Holders

To encourage the use of the dApps, we will launch incentive campaigns featuring native dApp tokens. These incentives will drive growth in terms of volume and user base, resulting in revenue through fees. A portion of these revenues will be allocated to boost the value of the dApp tokens. Additionally, VTN stakers will receive airdrops of the native dApp tokens. This is a exponential opportunity for our vottuners!

Stay Connected!

Vottun Labs presents an excellent opportunity for the community of developers and users. We are excited about this initiative and the possibilities it brings. To stay informed about the latest updates from Vottun Labs and future dApps, follow us on Telegram. You can also join our group for developers to connect with other Web3 experts and expand your network.

In conclusion, Vottun Labs is an innovative initiative aimed at driving the Vottun ecosystem forward, creating unique dApps, and offering growth opportunities for both developers and users. We are excited about the future with Vottun Labs! Stay tuned for more updates!