Do you want to develop your first Web3 app and don't know where to start?

Introducing Vottun Builder House, an initiative where we open the doors of our Barcelona offices to the entire Web3 community.

We welcome you to our “house” where you can come and work with us and develop your proyect . We offer training and mentoring sessions on our APIs for those who want to learn about blockchain technology and the Web3 sector.

If you are a developer or part of a team with at least one developer, we are waiting for you in our offices to share two days during which you can advance your application with the Vottun team.

With Vottun APIs, you can easily build the next generation of blockchain applications!

The Vottun Builder House will be held for two days each month on a recurring basis, allowing the initiative to welcome different groups of people every month.

Some of the benefits of participating in this project:

Workshops and training sessions on Blockchain, Web3, Programming, Marketing, and Graphic Design + UX/UI.

Support from the Vottun team professionals for your project!

Invitations to events and hackathons, plus merchandising and much more!

Let’s shape the next generation of the Internet together!

It is important that at least one person in the team or you, as a developer, are fully autonomous in your programming language, whatever it is. You must know how to call a Rest/JSON API and have your working environment set up on your laptop. You must bring your own equipment. The Vottun team will only be able to help you with the use of the APIs and how to address Web3 challenges; the rest is up to you!