Our Case Studies

Unlocking Web3's Potential for the Physical World with Vottun: Let’s transform possibilities into reality

Explore its potential with select client case studies, and witness firsthand how Vottun’s Platform translates conceptual impact into tangible results. Together, we’re reshaping the future of industries and communities.

Empowering Collectors: Frederique Constant's NFT-Enabled Watches with Vottun Wallet Integration

Seamless Access and Certified Authenticity in Limited Edition Timepieces


Credentials with blockchain - How to secure and improve access management

Aena has introduced a freight management platform, powered by Vottun Credenciales, facilitating electronic information exchange among cargo community members at Aena Network airports.

Tokenization & NFTs

Loyalty and emotion: Rappi, Grupo Bimbo and Vottun launch NFTs in partnership to reward user loyalty

Rappi, Alacua, Vottun and Papas Barcel present an exclusive NFT collection inspired by the Mexican national football team, incentivising customer loyalty with exciting prizes during the World Cup in Qatar.

Crypto Payments

Revolutionizing payments with AlvinPay's solution - Pay with card, settle in stablecoins

AlvinPay's innovative solution combines card payments with stablecoins, enabling businesses to accept card payments and receive settlements in stablecoins for enhanced efficiency and security in payments.


NFTS tickets for Media Group event

Easy Access and Exclusive Benefits for an Expanding Fan Community.


Tradition and Blockchain Technology, the best recipe

The exciting story of the centuries-old Modena grapes and the creation of its vinegar explained through Blockchain technology

Certificates & Data Security

Certtun: Transforming Certificate Issuance with Blockchain Technology

Discover How Certtun Facilitates the Issuance of Authentic and Efficient Certificates for Students and Professionals.


Takis® Tower: Immersion in the Metaverse of the Snack Brand

Takis®  snack division of Grupo Bimbo, takes its intensity to new levels with an interactive experience in Decentraland.


Sustainability with Blockchain - How to improve the circular economy and the green transition

Finhava is a collaborative technology platform that utilizes Blockchain to trace a product's lifecycle, ensuring the transparency of raw material origins and promoting sustainable, local, and eco-friendly agriculture.