Certtun: Transforming Certificate Issuance with Blockchain Technology

Discover How Certtun Facilitates the Issuance of Authentic and Efficient Certificates for Students and Professionals.

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Certtun as company

Certtun is an innovative platform that revolutionises the issuance of digital certificates and credentials through the use of blockchain technology. This intuitive and efficient tool allows educational institutions and organisations to create, register and issue certificates quickly and securely in just three simple steps. Certtun not only guarantees the authenticity of certificates, thanks to blockchain technology, but also offers customisation options and flexibility to adapt to the specific needs of each entity. With its ability to automate processes and manage large volumes of certificates, Certtun is positioned as a powerful and versatile solution in the field of achievement and recognition management.

Some of Certtun’s clients are prestigious Business Schools and leading companies such as GRUPO PLANETA, INESDI, SANTANDER, THE WORLD BANK, IT ACADEMY (Barcelona City Council), ITBA, AENOR and UPN UNIVERSITY, having a great success and acceptance in educational and business environments to certify training.

Need of project

In today’s fast-paced and digitally connected world, the traditional methods of issuing and verifying certificates and diplomas were fraught with challenges, including the risk of fraud and the inefficiencies of manual processes.

The vision behind Certtun was to revolutionize the certification process by harnessing the power of blockchain technology. Blockchain offers an immutable and tamper-proof ledger that ensures the integrity of data.


Certtun is a highly intuitive and accessible tool designed to simplify the process of issuing certificates and medals. Its approach focuses on three key steps: create, register and issue. This efficient workflow accommodates both individual issuance and mass user onboarding, even allowing automation through APIs or PlugIns, which significantly streamlines the administrative process.

From the learner’s perspective, Certtun offers a user-friendly experience. Once created, certificates are distributed to recipients via email notifications that include login details to their own digital wallet. In this space, learners can not only view and manage their achievements, but also share them on popular platforms such as LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. This sharing capability not only validates the student’s skills, but also amplifies the visibility of both individual achievements and the issuing institution.

A distinctive feature of Certtun is the implementation of blockchain technology to guarantee the authenticity and transparency of certificates. This represents a solid defence against possible fraud attempts, confirming the integrity of the achievements registered on the platform. In addition, Certtun offers a white label solution that allows full customisation of the design and content structure. This seamless integration with learning management systems and other information infrastructures ensures a smooth and cohesive experience for users.

In short, Certtun not only facilitates the issuance of certificates, but also optimises the experience for both issuers and learners. Its focus on simplicity and authenticity through blockchain technology provides confidence in the validity of achievements. By providing tools to share and promote these achievements, Certtun boosts the visibility and recognition of the skills acquired by students, benefiting both individuals and educational institutions.

Added Value

Building Certtun on Vottun’s API platform brings significant value for several reasons:

Simplicity and Efficiency in Certificate Issuance: Integration with the Vottun API simplifies the certificate issuance process by allowing the entire workflow, from creation to registration on the blockchain, to be much more efficient and straightforward.

Blockchain Technology to Ensure Authenticity: By using the Vottun API, Certtun can leverage blockchain technology to ensure the authenticity and transparency of certificates. This prevents counterfeiting and provides additional assurance of the legitimacy of achievements.

Automation and Scalability: Vottun's API facilitates process automation, meaning that certificate issuance can scale efficiently as demand grows. This is especially valuable in institutions with large volumes of certificates.

Customisation and Adaptability: Vottun's API allows for further customisation and tailoring of Certtun to an organisation's specific needs. This can include integrations with existing systems, creating custom workflows and tailoring the interface to the institution's requirements.

No Special Blockchain Knowledge Required: Vottun's API makes it easy to create Certtun without the need for in-depth technical knowledge of blockchain. This lowers the barriers to entry and makes adoption of the technology much more accessible.

Wide Variety of Use Cases: The combination of Certtun and the Vottun API opens up the possibility for a wide variety of use cases, from academic certificates to professional credentials and beyond. This means that the platform can be adapted to diverse industries and needs.

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