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Enrique Penichet

CEO BBooster (A Draper Venture VC)

Started in 2017, Vottun focus is the development of blockchain technology to improve the way enterprises operate and to create greater efficiencies in cross industry operations. With our blockchain protocol we are improving the value chain of data traceability by drastically reinventing the way data such as certificates are issued, stored, and verified across enterprises and industries.


Our founding team are experience founders, authors, investors, and entrepreneurs with more than 30 years’ experience building technology companies . Involved with Blockchain since the beginning, we recognize the ability of this technology to solve critical problems that are currently unsolvable with internet protocols.

As a way of displaying the potential of our protocol, we have developed products for education diplomas & badges, as well as supply chain and product traceability. These two different use cases shows the breath and scale of our technological framework.  We provide customized and actionable recommendations for companies and institutions that want to start innovating with blockchain technology.

During our short history, we are proud of receiving several awards and recognition. (Link to press) of our technology. We are also proud that once partners and customers became exposed to our solutions they became investors and repeat customers because of the impact and value proposition of our solution. 

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