The Issue: 

NATURGY, a multi-national gas utility company, uses sub-contractors to provide services at their client’s homes and businesses.  This includes repairing gas heaters when problems are reported. These outside employees need to have an official certification issue by SEDIGAS, a certification agency in order to perform their duty. Verification of these certifications is a cumbersome process and fraud cases were undetected in the past.

The Solution: 

Digitalize your Certificates
Improve paper-based certificates systems with all the benefits of blockchain: immutable records, secure and verified, no single-point of failure, etc.


Organizations need real applications to verify the benefits and understand the potential of blockchain technology. As more emerging technologies become available it is important to check the ROI behind the hype and bring POCs to production.

Naturgy is a $20 Billion gas utility company in Spain with10,000,000 customers worldwide. When a client call to report a problem with their gas service Naturgy has to send fully certified staff to resolve these problems.The certification for these resources is done by different compliance agencies. This is how Naturgy and compliance agencies are using Vottun Blockchain Credentials to mitigate compliance risks saving money in verification and creating fraud resistant digital identities.