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Unveiling the Challenges of the Hackathon

Hackathon Quest: Unleash the wonders of Web3 with Vottun and Dextools APIs!

Greetings, intrepid coders and wizards of the digital realm! The time has come to embark on an exciting journey into the enchanted lands of Web3, armed with the powerful Vottun and Dextools APIs. Your mission, should you accept it, is to weave the magic of decentralized finance or conjure a dazzling dApp using the potent spells of these powerful APIs. We will propose two challenges on the Rootstock network, the first, a totally DeFI challenge, and the second, to let your imagination fly to implement any Web3 dApp, the final challenges will be published a week before the hackathon.

Challenge 1: DeFi Marvels unleashed

Welcome, brave Web3 pioneers! For this challenge, we gathered your blockchain brilliance to create a DeFi masterpiece. Imagine a world where financial freedom reigns and the magic of decentralized finance is available to all.
Your goal is to design a DeFi dApp that not only simplifies the complexities of blockchain finance, but also adds a touch of innovation. Imagine ways for the safety of traders' funds, providing him signals, an unbelievable dashboard to help him in the decision making, open long or short positions while providing liquidity, or even display a simulated transaction to protect traders from honeypots. Or even an arbitrage bot? The possibilities are endless.
Now, channel your inner wizard and create a DeFi solution that is not only secure and robust, but also charmingly accessible to the masses. The challenge awaits you: make your smart contracts bug-free and your tokens always plentiful!

Challenge 2: DApp Wonderland

Greetings, pioneering architects of Web3! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to venture into the magical realm of decentralized applications (dApps). In this enchanted land, blockchain is the foundation and the possibilities are as limitless as the blockchain itself.
Create a dApp that surprises and captivates. Perhaps a decentralized social network where users truly own their data, or a supply chain management system that eradicates fraud with blockchain's immutable ledger. Imagine a decentralized voting platform that ensures transparency and security in every electoral spell.
Your canvas is the blockchain and your code is the paintbrush: paint a masterpiece that showcases the true power and potential of decentralized applications. Remember, blockchain is your playground; let your creativity flow and let your dApp become a Web3 legend!

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