Introducing "Build, Share, and Earn":

Your Gateway to Web3 Economy!

How "Build, Share, and Earn" Works:

Every valuable action you perform contribute to our token ecosystem and we want you to benefit of this new Web3 economy. Earns tokens with your valuable actions, reflecting your dedication and contributions to the community.

Build: Elevate Your Web3 Skills and Contribute to improve
our Web3 Abstraction Layer (WAL)

Learn New Skills:

Grow your Web3 skills and be hands-on building Web3 apps. Dive into our comprehensive tutorials, master blockchain technology, and elevate your skill set. Knowledge is power, and at Vottun Web3 Community, it's the key to your success.

Submit Code Improvements:

Showcase your technical prowess by enhancing our projects with your brilliant code contributions. Every improvement you make is a step toward revolutionizing the web3 landscape.

Share: Amplify Your Impact and Spread the Word

Promote our Web3 Vottun Community:

Share your passion for our community on social media and other platforms. Your advocacy is a beacon that attracts like-minded individuals, fostering growth and awareness.

Participate in our Web3 Community Events:

Engage in exciting events, discussions, and collaborations within the community. Your active involvement enriches the collective experience and brings us closer to our goals.

Earn: Get $VTN Token Rewards and Other Perks for your contribution

Gain Exclusive Access:

Grow your level in the community and get access to special community events, webinars, or early previews of upcoming projects, ensuring you’re always at the forefront of innovation.

Completed activities get instant rewards

Obtain rewards specific to your contributions answering the proposals and challenges posted at our community marketplace based on the level and impact of your engagement.

Start Building, Sharing and Earning Today!