Revolutionizing payments with AlvinPay's solution - Pay with card, settle in stablecoins

AlvinPay’s innovative solution combines card payments with stablecoins, enabling businesses to accept card payments and receive settlements in stablecoins for enhanced efficiency and security in payments.

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Alvinpay as company

Alvinpay was founded in 2023 by a small but experienced team of fintech experts. This company, together with Vottun, has developed software that can be integrated with any system and allows customers to collect payments made by credit card with stablecoins.

Need of project

The current reliance on outdated banking systems and payment processes does not align with an ever-evolving digital world. In many countries, high exchange rates become an obstacle, but through blockchain payments, it is possible to mitigate this challenge and provide a more efficient and cost-effective financial solution.


AlvinPay, in partnership with Vottun, is leading the transition to the web 3.0 era, infusing payment solutions through stablecoin transactions backed by blockchain. Our platform reimagines traditional payment structures, which no longer fit today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. In many countries, the burden of high exchange rates is a major obstacle, which our blockchain-based payment solution deftly overcomes.

This innovative platform enables the creation of wallets in an automated and customised way for each customer. This wallet serves as a repository for payments made by customers via credit cards, but in a more stable and efficient form: stablecoins, thus mitigating the challenges associated with fluctuating exchange rates prevalent in many countries.

The user-friendly interface, powered by Vottun, allows users unfamiliar with web technologies3 to use the platform seamlessly. Seamless integration and a smooth user experience are paramount, making our solution accessible and effective for everyone from small business owners to large enterprises.

In addition, the application itself offers the possibility to withdraw these stablecoins whenever the customer wants.

Added Value

Thanks to Vottun's technology, AlvinPay has been able to offer a platform that is accessible to non-crypto users, including those who are not familiar with blockchain or cryptocurrencies.

This allows the customer to centralise all payment-related information on a single platform, thus facilitating accounting.

Simplification with APIs: Vottun's use of APIs makes it easy for AlvinPay to create smart contracts for automating the conversion of money without the need for advanced technical knowledge.

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