Continuous requirements for identity verification through obsolote onboarding systems that are constanly breach and hack. Digital identity theft is critical issue for society and negatively impacts hundreds of millions of individuals. Blockchain-based digital identity management solutions can provide efficient solutions to solve these issues, from local or specific ecosystems to wide and global systems.

At Vottun, we have developed identity projects for “confederate ecosystems” that benefit for having an identity solution for their specific business challenges. These solutions are targeting specific use cases that benefit business for being able to identify people for specific purposes in automated, secure and trusted way.

Using Vottun Credentials, we have created digital credentials for identification of third party workers in the energy sector or provide citizens with a unique onboarding for public and private mobility services that allow  also transparent payment and reconciliation between all the parties offering the services to the citizens. You can find more in the case studies about these projects in the links below or contacting us. 

Nuestras soluciones Blockchain no requieren altos conocimientos técnicos


Today, every customer is required to verifying their KYC for valid interactions with companies. Organizations and customers waste a lot of time verifying their documents and identity. This can be reduced with Vottun protocol so a blockchain platform can talk to other blockchain platforms to verify the identity of the user.

The records in the blockchain can be made available with the ones who has permission to view the information. At Vottun protocol, all the user records are securely stored in the blockchain using secure cryptographic techniques and its compliant with GDPR EU law.

If you need an identity solution,or you have customers that will benefit froman identity solution, and would like to explore if blockchain is the right technology for your particular use-case, we recommend you to contact us so we can help you arrive at a meaningful business concept.

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