Interoperability is one of the most critical challenges to solve in order to drive blockchain adoption and reach a prosperous future taking advantage of the blockchain technology. In the interconnected digital economy that we envision, data will live securely in multiple blockchains and will need to be able to transfer value and/or data between each other.

Vottun interoperable“blockchain agnostic”  protocol is solving this problem. 

Our solution makes it possible for data owners to build complex cross-enterprise blockchain solutions to solve a variety of problems.  Because of our blockchain interoperable protocol it’s possible to build applications that ensures that data can be distributed and used between multiple blockchains and enterprises. 

The problem

The lack of standards is slowing down the adoption of blockchain technology. There are now hundreds of public and private blockchains that exist largely in isolation, unable to exchange information or value with one another. In this context of uncertainty, decision makers fear that developing a blockchain solutions for their business today may be unsupported in the future. This concern severely slows the adoption of blockchain in enterprises and limits blockchain’s potential to impact  our society positively.

The Vottun solution


Vottun Interoperable “blockchain agnostic” protocol help organizations eliminate the risk of choosing the wrong blockchain for your projects. Organizations can build the business logic of their solutions on top of the protocol and select between different blockchains for deployment. At any time, organizations can switch from one blockchain to another depending on their current and future needs.

Additionally, the protocol connects different blockchains, acting as a bridge between silos. This interoperability provides innumerable benefits, including enabling the near-instant and automated exchange of information and value across blockchains.

Currently Vottun supports Ethereum, Quorum, Hyperledger Fabric and Alastria with new blockchains being added based on our roadmap and clients demand. Contact with us if you have any specific blockchain request.

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Interoperability Technical Details

At present, there are no built in cross-chain mechanism in blockchain platforms to transfer data between different blockchains. As its core, the way that blockchain technology is built to assure security and immutability prevents this transfer of data from happening.

However it is clear that more and more business processes will require cross-blockchain interoperability to execute successfully across enterprises and industries. Payment processes, for example, are often cross border and requires process integration across multiple enterprises for payment verification and settlement.  Supply Chain processes requires tracking of material movement which could include multiple participants, industries, and blockchains for both public and private record keeping, transparency, verification, and immutability.

If you are interested in knowing more about our technical details, please contact us.

Technical Approach

Vottun has built an interoperable “blockchain agnostic” protocol with high performance and scalability built in. This means that Vottun’s protocol can interact with multiple public and private blockchain simultaneously, in real time, with high performance and is scalable regardless of the blockchain network.

Abstraction Layers

The protocol creates an abstraction layer that separate core components needed to execute blockchain transactions.  The top layer of the protocol is used for developing business logic and application user experience (UI/UX). This is done via Vottun’s APIs that is responsible for application connection and interaction with the various blockchain technologies.  Any development tool that can call REST APIs can be used to develop elegant blockchain solutions with our APIs.    The bottom layer of the protocol framework is the Blockchain Layer that uses smart contracts to execute business logic and record or verify data within any of the connected blockchains.

Encryption & Security

The Vottun protocol manages the interaction and transfer of data between blockchain networks.  Vottun utilizes various encryption and cryptographic standards along with key management storage and logic to ensure that data is transferred securely within its architecture. 

Unchain from a Blockchain

When implementing different solutions developers can determine which blockchain(s) they would like to use for their project and can expose this choice to end users.  For example, Vottun Credentials allows publishers (Universities or Enterprises) to select the public or private blockchain they would like to use to issue credentials.  While Vottun Supply Chain utilize a private blockchain for transactions from supply chain participants while utilizing a public blockchain for compliance verification, within the same application.  This capability unchains enterprise from the difficult decision of what blockchain they should use.  They can simply use whichever they prefer and switch later according to their business needs.

Blockchain Agnostic

Hyperledger, for example, is very common among enterprise clients in the United States.  Alastria, is the enterprise blockchain for many enterprises and government organizations in Spain.  Quorum from JP Morgan is very popular within financial services.  Ethereum, has become the new standard for decentralized public blockchain and has a huge developer community.  With Vottun’s blockchain agnostic protocol, you can run the same code developed for any of these blockchain on any of the other blockchains without changing your code.


We’ve made our protocol not only blockchain agnostic, but also interoperable.  Therefore, you could reference all the above blockchains in the same application while passing and verifying data between the different blockchains.  Therefore, imagine building a supply chain platform that spans multiple countries and organizations where the different organizations have implemented different blockchains.  You would be able to use our APIs to build a solution that could use our protocol to write to any of the blockchains, verify the data, interact with the other blockchains in the same application.

Scalability and Performance

We have also deployed various scalability algorithms within our platform that we apply to all blockchain interaction.  In cases where large volumes of transactions are being posted to public or private blockchains this very slow process has been dramatically improved with our scalable architecture.  Transaction volumes that could take hours or days to post and verify can be reduced to minutes or seconds with our scalable architecture.

Therefore, Vottun patented technologies provides full scalability, interoperability, blockchain agnostic solutions that are being integrated with our enterprise clients today.

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