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Fake news, digital piracy and duplication of digital items are issues that the media and entertainment still don’t have solutions for. Blockchain can help with fraud, knockoffs, and intellectual property being pirated. Vottun protocol can track data in the blockchain to assure origin of news and identifying fake news, reduce piracy of intellectual property, protect digital content and enable the distribution of authentic digital media files.

Blockchain and IP rights

One of the most obvious applications of blockchain technology is as a registry of IP rights, to catalogue and store original works. In today’s world, IP ownership can be hard to prove. It can also be difficult for authors to see who is using their work, and equally difficult for third parties using a work to know who to seek a license from. The result of this is that authors are often unable to stop infringements or to make the most of monetizing their work.

Now, you can use Vottun Protocol to certify your IP in the blockchain. With this certified registering of your works to a blockchain, authors or IP professionals could end up with tamper-proof evidence of ownership. This is because a blockchain transaction is immutable, so once a work has been registered to a blockchain, that information cannot ever be lost or changed. It is possible also that third parties use the blockchain to see the complete chain of ownership of a work, including any licences, sub-licences and assignments.

Vottun protocol can help law firms to certify and register IP works and take advantage of the blockchain technology. Vottun works with public and permissioned blockchain allowing interoperability between actors in the ecosystem that rely in different blockchains.

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