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Blockchain Benefits

Blockchains technology allow you to issue digital certificates that are impossible to fake, easy to distribute, and far more durable and secure than current options.

certificados blockchain para empresas

User own their certificates

Students own and control their data.  Vottun Credentials provide students with permanent digital records for lifelong learning that can be easily verifiable anywhere in the world.

veritifación blockchain para empresas

Easy Verification

No intermediaries needed
Vottun blockchain decentralized technology uses cryptography and AI to allow verification that doesn’t require middlemen for credentials verification.

Impossible to fake

Vottun blockchain certificates are digitally unique . Any third party can verify authenticity with 100% accuracy and security, anywhere in the world.

Secured and Private

Vottun use bank level encryption and hashing protocols to ensure provenance and integrity of the certificates and data published.

Easy to Use

Within a few clicks you can upload the list of students, certificates and automate all the certification process. Students receive their credentials in their digital wallet where they can share it with potential employers and recruiters. Certificates can be published in different blockchains

Students Control their Data

Vottun Credentials is GDPR compliant.  Students control their certificates and data via their digital wallet.  This allows them to share issued credentials via email, on Social Media, or on web or mobile sites.  They choose who to share the data with and decide to make the data public or private per GDPR standards.

Control expiration dates, create educational tracks

The blockchain allow you to control and manage your certificates as never before. You can setup or control “expiration dates” so the certificates become inactive automatically via smart contracts when this date arrives. You can create educational tracks so students need to earn previous requirements (badges) before they can get the full diploma. Define what actions you want the students to do in order to earn their badges and certificates.

Customize your Badge and Certificates

Use our design tool to create your badges and certificates and personalized them with your logo or request us to integrate completely your personal designs to promote your brand just the way you want it. 

Powerful marketing tool for your brand

Students are happy to share their achievements when they receive them. We make for them very easy to share their accomplishments in social media or with any third party such as recruiters. Every time their certificates will be shared your brand will be recognize. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to link your brand with your students joy and recognition. 

Vottun permite la integración con su ERP, LMS y SCM

Integrate with your LMS or ERP

Integrating with your LMS or ERP out of the box is very easy.  We provide web forms, CSV import features, JSON feeds, and API access to get data from your LMS or ERP to the blockchain of your choice.  Therefore, integration and posting your data to the blockchain regardless of which application you currently use to capture data is pretty straightforward with Vottun Credentials.

Management of Data

Vottun can manage, integrate, reconcile data across the enterprise or across multiple enterprises.  Because we’re fully blockchain agnostic and have full blockchain interoperability, you can decide which blockchains you would like to work with and we can manage all the data infrastructure including doing on prem or hybrid implementations.

vottun desarrolla soluciones blockchain para empresas

Use for APIs

Our APIs are blockchain agnostic and interoperable across multiple blockchains.  This means that your developers do not have to worry about coding smart contracts and the underlying blockchain technology to develop new blockchain applications or extend current ERP or LMS applications to the public or private blockchains of your choice.  Contact us to learn more about why developers love using our APIs to build new blockchain solutions.

Total Compliance

Vottun Credentials are GDPR compliant, follow Mozilla Open Badge standards, utilize various encryption and cryptography standards in our applications to meet our customer compliance needs.


Los credenciales de Vottun son compatibles con GDPR

Enterprise Verification

Vottun facilitate data verification and data reconciliation across multiple enterprises as a part of our blockchains solution.  This includes creating a single source of truth for reference data, validation of credentials data and providing trust with identity data.  This helps to streamline processes within an enterprise but also across multiple enterprises. 

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