VOTTUN Proof of Health Credentials

Vottun provides proof of health credentials that can be helpful in getting employees back to work.  These passports use Vottun’s blockchain credentials and identity technology to allow healthcare facilities to post test results that are immutable, secure, and that can be cryptographically verified on public or private blockchains. 

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Welcome to the future of digital CREDENTIALS

Blockchain Benefits

Blockchains technology allow you to issue digital proof of health credentials that are impossible to fake, easy to distribute, and far more durable and secure than other options.

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Citizens own and control their passports

Employees and recipients own and control their data.  Vottun Credentials provide citizens with permanent digital records to verify their COVID-19 test results that can be easily verifiable at work, in a bar, at airports, or anywhere in the world.

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Easy Verification

No intermediaries needed
Vottun blockchain decentralized technology uses cryptography and AI to allow verification that doesn’t require middlemen for credentials verification.

Impossible to fake

Vottun blockchain certificates are digitally unique . Any third party can verify authenticity with 100% accuracy and security, anywhere in the world.

Secured and Private

Vottun use bank level encryption and hashing protocols to ensure provenance and integrity of the certificates and data published.

How to Get Back to Work

Everyone is wondering how to get back to work.  How can we trust that our colleagues are safe to work with?  How can we re-integrate with society without getting sick?  Vottun provides Proof of Health Credentials to solve these problems.

Healthcare facilities can use Vottun’s technology to create a variety of passports for COVID-19 or other test results like HIV, the Flu.  These passports can be published to blockchains where the data is kept secure, permanent, and immutable.  This test results data can be cryptographically verified anywhere in the world via Vottun’s blockchain technology.


Integrate with your EMR & ERP

Vottun can integrate with your EMR and ERP backend systems. You can collect health records via web forms, CSV import, JSON feeds, and APIs that we provide.  You can use your ERP like SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards to call our APIs to pass data directly to the blockchain with our JSON feeds.  The data is securely stored with the blockchain technology of your choice.  For example, you can use Oracle blockchain, Hyperledger, Quorum or other private blockchains.  We also support public blockchains like Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

Use our APIs

Our APIs are blockchain agnostic and interoperable across multiple blockchains.  This means that your developers do not have to worry about coding smart contracts and the underlying blockchain technology to develop new blockchain applications or extend current EMR applications to the public or private blockchains of your choice.  Contact us to learn more about why developers love using our APIs to build new blockchain solutions.

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Proof of Health Credentials Digital Wallet

When an proof of health credentials is published to the blockchain, Vottun creates a digital wallet for the recipient of the passport.  The proof of health credentials is securely stored in the wallet and is accessible by only the recipient of the test result.  Each wallet is unique and the proof of health credentials are cryptographically verified each time the wallet is accessed to ensure the validity and authenticity of each credential.

The wallet content can also be downloaded, accessed and managed by any mobile device, with both iOS and Android.  

How it Works

Step 1 – Test facilities are able to test citizens for COVID-19 to determine if they are positive, negative, or immune to the virus.  Once they have the test results they are able to use Vottun technology or APIs to post the test results to the blockchain. 

Step 2 – Vottun creates a digital wallet, identity certificates, proof of health credentials and securely make this immediately available to the person that was tested.  The tested citizen control their data via web or mobile device.  When asked to prove their COVID-19 test status the citizen is able to show their proof of health credentials. 

Step 3 – The employer or authority requesting this credential can use a normal mobile device to read the QR code from the citizen proof of health credentials.  Vottun cryptographically verify the credential via the QR code in real time.

Professional Board and Compliance Verification

Our solution provides access to multi parties.  For example, you can choose to give access to third party compliance agencies to verify your records.  You can also provide verification capabilities to your enterprise partners. Learn how easy it is to work with multiple parties with Vottun Proof of Health Credentials.

Post in the Blockchain with a Click

Posting credentials to the blockchain has never been easier.  You can add credentials via our easy to use designer tools and simple click “Post to Blockchain” and that’s it.  Within seconds your credentials are posted to the blockchain of your choice.  No techies or IT help needed.


Total Compliance

Vottun Credentials are GDPR compliant, California CCPA compliant, HIPPA compliant, follow Mozilla Open Badge standards, utilize various encryption and cryptography standards in our applications to meet our customer compliance needs.


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Enterprise Data Reconciliation

Vottun facilitate data reconciliation across multiple enterprises as a part of our blockchains solution.  This includes creating a single source of truth for reference data, validation of credentials data, providing trust with identity data.  This helps to streamline processes within an enterprise but also across multiple enterprises.  Learn more about how we can help you solve data reconciliation issues between your enterprise and your partners.


Vottun Passports is a ready to use end to end platform that provides a full-spectrum of blockchain passport service across different industries