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The system that you need to improve your supply chain in the blockchain. Easy to integrate with your SCM. Get your suppliers involved to automate process, verify data instantly anywhere in the world saving time and costs.

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Trazabilidad blockchain para sector transporte

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of Supply Chain

Blockchain Benefits

Blockchains technology allow you improve your supply chain with better traceability of data and documents that are impossible to fake, easy to distribute  and far more durable and secure.

Participants own their data

Participants provide data that instantly become permanent digital records that can be easily verifiable by multi-parties anywhere in the world.

veritifación blockchain para empresas

Easy Verification

No intermediares needed
Blockchain decentralized technology allow verification that doesn’t require middlemen to send or verify.

certificados blockchain para empresas

Certificates of Origin

Vottun blockchain certificates are digitally unique and impossible to fake . Any third party can verify authenticity with 100% accuracy and security.

Secured and Private

Blockchain encryption protocols ensure provenance and integrity of the certificates published.


Access to data can be implemented and brought up to the end consumer or government agencies if needed.

Manage Participants

You define all activities that the particpants in the supply chain do. Very flexible and easy to use. You can define who do what and assign different roles at each of them. 

La Api de Vottun personalizada blockchain

Create flexible workflow

One or multiple batches, a single production lines or several. You can define your production and logisitc workflows as they really are for an easy and logic integration in your current processes.

Generate QR codes for end products

You can generate QR codes to include in your packaging to provide visibility of your processes to your customers. Engage with customers with a powerful marketing tool that allow you to show transparency and build trust in the origin and treatment of your products.

Track and Trace at any time

Don´t lose more time switching between different suppliers and logistic systems to find where your products are. With our “Track and Trace” you can identify in a few clicks where they are in a 100% trustworthy system. 

Powerful dashboard. Full visibility of all operations

All the data collected is displayed in a comprehensive way and is available for exporting to your ERP or any other analysis tool. Use all the trusted data collected to identify bottlenecks, delays and other opportunities to improve your processes.

Vottun permite la integración con su ERP, LMS y SCM

Integrate with your ERP or SCM software

Vottun Supply Chain system can collect data from the main ERP and SCM systems. Just let us knwo what is the most convenient way for you to feed the blockchain and we can integrate it easily with Vottun Protocol.

Mangement of Data

You decide, you select the blokchain and we can manage all the data infrastructure or we can implement it in premise

vottun desarrolla soluciones blockchain para empresas

Use for APIs

Any specific and custom request? No problem, with our open APIs we can provide you with the necessary tools to develop your specific custom solutions adapted to your uniqueness.

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