Vottun Ecosystem

Many brands trust Vottun, and our ecosystem is growing every day. A larger ecosystem implies more developers; more developers mean more apps. These apps attract more users, and increased user activity results in more revenue for $VTN holders.

Presale Token $VTN

The blockchain agnostic token

Don't bet only on a blockchain, bet on all of them at once. $VTN powers the ultimate blockchain abstraction layer.

Just burn, the power of tokenomics

Part of the revenue generated from the Vottun ecosystem is utilized for a buyback and burn mechanism, transforming $VTN into a deflationary asset.

Earn real yield

Own a piece of the Vottun ecosystem. Another portion of the revenue is distributed to $VTN stakers, similar to receiving dividends in a traditional web 2 company.

Vottun Journey

Join the Vottun Journey! A program packed with activities leading up to the launch of $VTN, created to reward both developers and community members.


Q1 2024

Expanding our community with challenges within the Vottun Journey, including hackathons, workshops and activities with great rewards.

Q2 2024

The time has come! It's time to empower our Web3 Ecosystem with our token. We go to market (TGE).

Q3 2024

It is time to empower our Web3 Ecosystem with our token and create community dynamics and marketing actions to scale our Web3 Economy.

Q4 2024

Expansion of functionalities to scale globally.

Discover our ecosystem of partners

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Everything you need to know in one place
What is the Vottun ecosystem?

The Vottun ecosystem is made up of our community, partners and the SDKs and applications created with Vottun APIs. The $VTN is responsible for aligning incentives and rewarding all members of the ecosystem.

When will $VTN come out?

The TGE (Token Generation Event) will take place during the second half of 2024. However, until then, members of our community can participate in the Vottun Journey to earn exclusive token-related rewards.

How can I get $VTN?

$VTN can be purchased during the public sale and will be available on centralized and decentralized exchanges once it hits the market. Additionally, by participating in the Vottun Journey, you will be able to obtain rewards and even access private sale.

On which blockchain will the VTN come out?

The decision is not final, but it will most likely be in the BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

How do I stake VTN?

Once $VTN staking is enabled, it can be done through the community section in Vottun World. Stakers will have access to rewards from the issuance of $VTN (in early stages), and part of the returns generated in the Vottun ecosystem.

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