Tradition and Blockchain Technology, the best recipe

The exciting story of the centuries-old Modena grapes and the creation of its vinegar explained through Blockchain technology


Ortalli as company

Ortalli, a company owned by the Aceites Borges group, has been making top quality balsamic vinegars since 1899 with grapes from its own vineyards in the Modena and Reggio Emilia regions of Italy.

Ortalli has been making balsamic vinegar for four generations and its aim has always been to guarantee its customers a product of the highest quality. They have refined this know-how over the last 120 years in order to provide their product with distinguishable and special characteristics that can only be achieved by selecting exceptional raw materials from the regions in which they work.

Need of project

Ortalli, a leading balsamic vinegar producer, implemented VOTTUN Trace, a blockchain solution, to combat labeling fraud and counterfeits. This allows consumers to scan QR codes for authentic product information. Blockchain secures the data at each production stage.

Thant to Vottun’s API platform, the integration with Borges systems and manufacturing plant was effortless and they have been able to create a user-friendly solution for the final client. 


In a world where quality is essential, differentiating high quality products from other options can be a challenge. Often, similarly named products may have different compositions, raw material origins and manufacturing processes. In addition, poor labelling fraud practices and product counterfeiting are growing concerns. Ortalli markets its products in multiple countries and is aware that not all new consumers of its balsamic vinegars can differentiate a high quality product such as its own from lower quality options.

Currently, product labelling does not help consumers to easily distinguish products with similar names. Despite having the same name, we find that they have a different composition, a different origin of raw materials, or a different processing, and it is extremely difficult to distinguish which products are exceptional and which are not so exceptional. This problem is compounded by bad practices of fraudulent labelling and counterfeit products.

To address this problem and provide its customers with a transparent and reliable shopping experience, Ortalli has decided to implement the VOTTUN Trace solution, leveraging blockchain technology.

This innovative solution allows shoppers to scan a QR code printed on the label of balsamic vinegars. With a simple scan, consumers can access a complete and unique history of each product, including details such as provenance, certifications, production date and more. What sets this QR apart is its immunity to counterfeiting, thanks to blockchain technology. This gives buyers confidence that they are purchasing an authentic product, a crucial aspect in counterfeit-prone markets.

Traceability begins with the recording of data in blockchain at every step of a product’s manufacture, from the provenance of the grapes to the maturation of the vinegar. This data is shared securely and certified between participants in the supply chain, creating a digital history that guarantees the authenticity of the products for the end consumer.

This case study highlights how blockchain technology has revolutionised product traceability, bringing transparency and trust to customers and consumers.

Added Value

Blockchain technology has enabled Ortalli to provide its customers with a complete and transparent view of the entire process of creating their vinegar products. This instills confidence and assurance in the quality of their products.

Guaranteed Authenticity: Immutable QR codes ensure the authenticity of each product. Consumers can easily verify the origin and manufacturing process, reducing the risk of counterfeit products.

Product Differentiation: Ortalli can stand out in a competitive market by showcasing the exceptional quality of their products. The ability to provide detailed and verifiable information adds value to their brand.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Consumers can make informed decisions based on transparent and reliable information. This leads to a more positive shopping experience and customer loyalty.

Cost Optimization and Efficiency: Blockchain technology offers a detailed view of the supply chain, helping Ortalli identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve efficiency, especially when collaborating with third-party suppliers and partners.

Fraud Reduction: The immutability of information on the blockchain reduces the possibility of labeling fraud and product counterfeiting, safeguarding Ortalli's reputation.

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