Build a Blockchain Practice

Vottun provides a full blockchain agnostic, interoperable, protocol technology framework to facilitate the building of complex blockchain solution across multiple blockchains. 
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Blockchain Use Cases

Organizations are turning to blockchain solutions with Vottun to increase the transparency, speed, and efficiency of transactions and interactions that historically have been complex or opaque. Learn more how to create innovative approaches to a diverse range of business and IT challenges across many industries by leveraging the combined power of Vottun protocol and blockchain’s distributed ledger technology.

Vottun has deployed its end-to-end blockchain products and interoperable APIs with clients in multiple industries including banking, energy, education, compliance, certification, pharma, government, supply chain, and food in the United States and Europe. Check what industries are driving innovation using blockchain technology with the Vottun protocol.

Supply Chain

Implantar Blockchain a Supply Chain

Industry 4.0







Vottun deploy its blockchain solutions through its network of integrators and consulting partners.
The company has offices in Los Angeles (USA) and Barcelona (Spain).

Real World Solutions for Global Clients

Organizations are using Vottun blockchain solutions in the USA and Europe.  These organizations are solving important problems with traceability, education, compliance, fraud, transparency in enterprises and governments. 
Check our Case Studies to learn more about Vottun blockchain solutions deployed with clients.

Partnership Program

Vottun partners include firms from different parts of the world with a variety of expertise.  Vottun provides education and technology to help our partners to build and support a blockchain practice.

The blockchain market is expected to reach $12.4 billion in 2022, according to the World Economic Forum report (July 2019). 

According to a 2018 Constellation Research survey, 67% of US companies are evaluating or implementing blockchain technologies.
* 57% of respondents to the survey agreed or strongly agreed that their organization should adopt blockchain technology to remain competitive. 
* 68% of respondents who declared their blockchain investments, are spending more than $1 million, with 27% spending more than $10 million on blockchain activity.

Partner with us and learn how you can bring blockchain solutions to your clients today. 

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  • Learn what blockchain technology is
  • Explore with directed workshops how to use our technology
  • Have access to exclusive features and deployments

Discover all the benefits of working with Vottun, from in-depth training to exclusive access to our technology. 

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