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Welcome to a dynamic ecosystem where developers, users, service providers, and community members converge to co-create the next generation of Web3 applications.

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Step into a new era of collaboration and innovation at Vottun WAL Ecosystem.

 Join forces with like-minded visionaries, share ideas, and combine expertise to craft and build groundbreaking Web3 solutions that redefine the digital landscape for all kinds of sectors.

At Vottun, we believe that true success stems from collective effort, and our Web3 Abstraction Layer (WAL) is designed to empower collaboration, fuel creativity, and drive the success of your Web3 projects thanks to the power of Web3 Economy. 

Together, let’s bring Web2 to Web3, revolutionize the internet and shape the future with decentralized technologies!

These are the participants how are building and supporting our Web3 Abstraction Layer (WAL)

Explore a multitude of opportunities within our Web3 project. Whether you’re a creator, developer, investor, or enthusiast, there’s a place for you at Vottun Web3 Abstraction Layer (WAL). Engage in exciting projects, collaborate with like-minded innovators, and watch your potential unfold.

Developers - The Architects

Architects create the dApps and receive rewards in VTN based on the usage of their dApps. Developers can manage their activities in multiple chains with a single token.

Service Providers - The Contractors

Contractors provide services that are integrated with the Web3 Abstraction Layer (WAL) and provide necessary Web3 services to dApps that facilitates their launch.

Community Members - The Brokers

Community enthusiasts that provide their support to the VTN and dApps ecosystem to succeed. Their support actions can be rewarded with tokens.

Users - The Tenants

Tenants interact with dApps and their on-chain operations are handled seamlessly by the VTN platform. All transactions on-chain could be done using VTN tokens pair with the chains involved.

Empowering Web3 Success Through an Integrated Ecosystem

Multi-Chain Interoperability

Seize control of your dApps, smart contracts, and digital assets, deploying them effortlessly across over 200 networks.
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