Web3 Abstraction Layer Improvement Proposal (WALIP)

WALIPs are used by the Vottun Community to propose new features in the Web3 Abstraction Layer (WAL), gather technical input on a topic, and document design decisions that have gone into the WAL.

They are based on establish software improvement proposals such as Python Enhancement Proposals (PEPs) or popular Web3 Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIPs) and Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs).  These proposals contribute to the our open source Web3 economy facilitated on the Web3 Abstraction Layer (WAL) by our native token VTN. These WALIPs enables developers and builders to contribute to our WAL and get rewards if they are posted in the ecosystem.

Anyone can submit a WALIP, but the technical bar is high. WALIP editors ensure that proper formatting and style guidelines are followed. Before writing a formal WALIP, an idea should be proposed on the community forum. We strongly support the community involvement in WALIP prioritization and approval. Once a WALIP is approved, it can be written in GitHub for review by all interested parties, editors, developers and the WAL community.

If you want to submit a WALIP please use this form

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