Vottun Web3 Gaming Solutions

Vottun makes it easy to integrate Web3 into video games, keep focused on developing the best game experience and forget about blockchain complexity thanks to our APIs and SDKs.

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Why Web3?

Web3 unlocks new monetization methods, innovative marketing tactics and empowers user-centric communities. The decentralized and trustless nature of blockchain opens a new world of possibilities for Gaming.

  • Digital assets can be identified as unique NFTs, all the value and rights of ownership now belong to the players. These NFTs could grant the property of items, skins, subscriptions, coins & gems, characters, cards, distinctive badges or anything else.
  • Connect with your community by using NFTs as gamification rewards, access keys for loyalty programs, or voting rights to deeply involve and retain your users.
  • Allow NFT secondary sales in a controlled environment to monetize the entire digital asset cycle, at the same time you provide more liberty for users to exchange digital properties in a secure way.
  • Learn more about your customers by connecting with their Web3 digital identity, identify which kind of NFTs each user has and offer unique experiences for targeted groups in a precise way.

Vottun Game

Play our demo, the first videogame that uses Vottun’s Unity SDK to incorporate Web3 functionalities. Get the best score and obtain NFTs as a reward!

Evolve Your Game To Web3 In 3 Steps

NFT & Token Generation

Turn in-game items into NFTs, give digital ownership to your players.

Create marketplaces for the exchange and distribution of valuable digital assets.

Mint, transfer or evolve NFTs automatically depending on game mechanics.

Web2 & Web3 User Onboarding

Allow Web2 users to manage their NFTs without having a crypto wallet, only email and password needed.

Allow Web3 users to log in and create accounts by connecting their Metamask or any other crypto wallet.

Create digital identities for players that can be compatible with various games.

Token Gate Access

Get to know your players better and provide personalized experiences for each user.

Based on the NFTs owned by each player, unlock exclusive content such as bonus levels, skins, battle passes, distinctive badges etc.

Connect with any other Web3 community and offer specially tailored content for them.

Vottun SDK For Unity

Vottun has developed an SDK for Unity that allows game programmers to work with different blockchain networks in a very simple way. It enhances the gaming experience and brings value to players thanks to Web3.

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