About Us

Vottun is a web3 abstraction layer that provides developers with everything they need to build, scale and launch cross-chain dApps. Our mission is to support developers transitioning from working in the world of web2 — from those with no prior blockchain programming experience to web3 enthusiasts — by giving them cutting-edge tools to begin building dApps, Tokens, Marketplaces, and DeFi projects, to create valuable new business models, processes and services in web3

Our team

At Vottun, our foundation rests upon the belief that a united and diverse team of talented individuals is the driving force behind building the Internet of the future. We’re all about working together as a team, where every member plays a vital role in shaping our vision.

 We embrace diversity as a source of strength, recognizing that a multitude of perspectives and backgrounds fosters creativity and innovation. 

We also believe in giving everyone a fair chance to succeed, ensuring that everyone has the chance to thrive and contribute to our shared goals. 

But it’s not all about work; we believe in having fun along the way. We foster an environment where passion and enjoyment coexist with dedication, making the journey toward our future vision an exhilarating and fulfilling one. 

We think that when we enjoy what we do, it makes our work even better. So, with our diverse team and a bit of fun, we’re making the internet of the future a great place for everyone.

Founder Bios

Luis Carbajo
CEO and Co-founder

Luis Carbajo is the co-founder and CEO of Vottun. Luis is responsible for overseeing all facets of Vottun, including crafting the company’s culture, setting its strategic direction and managing the overall teams. 

Before founding Vottun, Luis was the Global Head of User Experience at Amazon, becoming the company’s first Spanish director and working alongside Jeff Bezos teams. Following five years at Amazon, he joined Vistaprint as Head of Marketing and then served as CEO of SoloStocks, Spain’s leading online marketplace for SMEs. 

Luis co-founded Vottun in 2018 and is considered a leading expert on blockchain technology, with deep knowledge of business applications and scalability challenges and extensive technical experience regarding protocols, consensus algorithms and associated cryptography. 

Luis holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Valencia (Spain) and an MBA in Business Administration from the Ross Business School at the University of Michigan (USA). 

Marta Valles
COO and co-founder

Marta Vallés is the co-founder and COO of Vottun. She is responsible for its business development, and operational agendas. 

Prior to co-founding Vottun, Marta worked as a lawyer before founding Messless Distributions, a strategic consulting firm supporting companies entering new international markets and helping global brands such as Alibaba expand to new territories. 

As a business leader, entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast, Marta is passionate about increasing the participation and presence of women and girls in STEM subjects. As a member of WA4STEAM, the all-women angels investment group, and a board member of WStartupCommunity, an association that promotes equality policies that support female entrepreneurs, she advocates for female representation in the technology workforce. 

Forbes has named Marta in the top ten women leading digital transformation, and she has also been named one of Spain’s top 100 female entrepreneurs. She holds a law degree from the CEU San Pablo Univeristy and a PDD from the IESE Business School. 

Company recognitions and awards

Since launching, Vottun has received numerous technology and innovation awards, and media recognition. Accolades from the likes of Gartner and The Stellar Foundation and features in global outlets such as Forbes, El Pais, Euronews, and Cointelegraph have all celebrated our commitment to excellence. These acknowledgements reflect our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with blockchain technology, and we are honoured to have earned the support and received the recognition from our partners, the media and the analyst relations community.

Vottun one of wired magazine's 100 hottest European startups

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