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Experience a decentralized, trustless, and open internet that empowers individuals like never before. Enter the “Creators Economy” and get rewarded for your contributions as a developer or community member.
Web3 introduces a paradigm shift, enabling you to:

Own your work
Control your data
Define your online identity
Participate in a borderless digital economy.

Explore New Digital Opportunities

Explore a multitude of opportunities within our Web3 project. Whether you’re a creator, developer, investor, or enthusiast, there’s a place for you at Vottun Web3 Abstraction Layer (WAL). Engage in exciting projects, collaborate with like-minded innovators, and watch your potential unfold.

Developers - The Architects

Architects create the dApps and receive rewards in VTN based on the usage of their dApps. Developers can manage their activities in multiple chains with a single token.

Service Providers - The Contractors

Contractors provide services that are integrated with the Web3 Abstraction Layer (WAL) and provide necessary Web3 services to dApps that facilitates their launch.

Community Members - The Brokers

Community enthusiasts that provide their support to the VTN and dApps ecosystem to succeed. Their support actions can be rewarded with tokens.

Users - The Tenants

Tenants interact with dApps and their on-chain operations are handled seamlessly by the VTN platform. All transactions on-chain could be done using VTN tokens pair with the chains involved.

Our Vision

At Vottun, we envision a world where trust, transparency, and innovation reign supreme. A world in which blockchain technology is massively adopted for the real benefits of our society. Join us as we pave the way for a decentralized future, where inclusivity and collaboration drive the next generation of applications and platforms.

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