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How can I participate in the activities and earn rewards?

Discover a marketplace like no other—where developers, users, service providers, and community members unite in a shared vision of innovation and collaboration. Check in which activities you can participate and reap the rewards for your contributions, creating a thriving Web3 ecosystem for mutual growth.

How it works

Activities & Rewards

In Vottun Web3 Marketplace there are multiple activities created to improve our ecosystem and bring massive adoption of Web3 to all sectors. Each activity earns a reward in a transparent Web3 way. These activities can be proposed for all members of the Vottun Web3 Community and also from external clients working with Vottun Web3 Community members.

Engage and contribute

Collaborate with the community, build code, find bugs, provide feedback, support a project and watch your effort transforms into a collaborative masterpiece. Leverage collective intelligence and diverse perspectives for unparalleled innovation.

Earn $VTN rewards and other perks

As activities are completed and objectives are met, you'll receive VTN rewards of these activities —that's the monetary compensation in $VTN besides other recognition, or other incentives specified in the activity. Your hard work deserves to be recognized and rewarded! Welcome to the Web3 Economy

Experience the power of the REAL Web3 Economy

Global Collaboration:

Harness the power of a worldwide community, fostering collaboration that transcends borders. We believe nurturing the best experts in the filed lead to superior outcomes.

Trust and Transparency:

Our platform ensures transparency and trust through smart contracts and decentralized governance, guaranteeing fair and secure transactions for all involved parties.

Empower Innovation:

Vottun activities marketplace is a hotbed for innovation, where creativity flourishes and breakthroughs are celebrated. Join the movement and be part of something extraordinary.

Diversity and Equality:

Vottun activities marketplace promotes a level playing field where everyone has the opportunity to contribute, regardless of their background or location. Either you are a beginner or an expert developer, a service provider or a community member. Your potential knows no bounds! Ready to revolutionize collaboration and be at the forefront of innovation? Join Web3 Abstraction Layer (WAL) Open Exchange and unlock a world of possibilities where your contributions are not only valued but also rewarded.

Are you new to Web3 and want help building Your project

Lets our Web3 community work in your new blockchain solution

Examples of the projects and requests submitted to Vottun Activities Marketplace

Software Development:

Develop a Cross-Platform Mobile App for Running Tracking in the blockchain

Create a mobile app that tracks users’ running activities in the blockchain. Build an app to register track times from runners to create their ”certified race times” so race organizers can trust the achievements of these users. Must be compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

Web3 Service Provider:

I need custodian services for my project that use NFT for real-estate investment in Europe.

Needs to be 100% MICA compliant.

Technical Optimization:

Optimize NFT API for Rootstock Network

Analyze and optimize an existing NFT API, so it can be roll-out for Rootstock network.

Marketing & Business Development

Use our dApp and recommend it to your friends

Are you an avid sport fan? Start using our dApp of sport memorabilia empowered with Web3 rewards. Help us to promote our dApp and get rewards for participating in our launch activities.

Gaming Development:

Build a character for a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) Game Prototype

We are designing and develop a prototype of a Web3 MOBA game. I need character designing. The game is sci-fi.

Content Creation:

Write Engaging Blog Posts about how to operate my dApp “Sustainable Living

Produce a series of informative and captivating blog posts about my dApp “Sustainable living”, covering topics such as eco-friendly practices, renewable energy, and reducing waste. All this info needs to tie with the use of the NFTs and tokens that incentive the eco-practices in my dApp.

These activities showcase the breadth of opportunities available for developers, designers, content creators, and more. Contributors can choose activities that align with their skills and interests, fostering a collaborative and dynamic ecosystem within Open Exchange.

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