Discovering the Web3 Challenges at MWC24


The Mobile World Congress (MWC24) is known as an epicenter of innovation and discussion in the world of technology. At this year’s edition, we conducted a series of revealing interviews that offer an insider’s view of the conversations and reflections that took place among some of Web3’s projects in Hall 4YFN.

Challenges in Hiring Web3 Developers

One of the main topics discussed in the interviews is the growing demand for specialized Web3 developers. The complexity of concepts such as zero-knowledge proofs and blockchain has made finding qualified talent a major challenge for many companies. This has led them to discover other options that are cheaper, more flexible and easier to use. Discover Vottun’s APIs and ready-to-use templates.

On the other hand, interoperability in the Web3 ecosystem was also a hot topic. The projects we interviewed discussed the need for applications and platforms to support multiple blockchains to ensure a seamless experience for users.

The role of SaaS services in the development of dApps

Another highlight was the role of services such as Software as a Service (SaaS) in the development of distributed applications, or dAPPs. While these services can lower the barriers to entry for startups, they also raise issues that need to be considered when finding a third party to provide an interoperable Web3 infrastructure. All of these Vottun APIs are easy to use and compatible with multiple blockchains.

In summary, this latest #VTNInterview provides fascinating insight into the challenges and opportunities facing the Web3 ecosystem today. From talent recruitment to interoperability to SaaS adoption, the conversations highlight the complexity and richness of this ever-evolving field.

With these ideas and discussions in mind, MWC24 continues to be a key meeting place for those interested in exploring the boundaries of technological innovation and the future of the decentralized Web. Watch the full video below for a deeper look at the shortcomings of today’s Web3 projects.